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Dedicated To Plastic Injection Mold And Die Casting Mold Designing And Making For Over 15 Years !

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Elite Mold & Manufacture Limited, founded in 2003, is specialist in designing and making custom plastic injection mold, die cast mold and parts for Automotive,Medical,Household,Agriculture,Construction and industrial parts etc. In recent years, we continue to increase our manufacturing capacity and precision by inputing more and more state-of-the-art equipments and implementing professional skill training.                               

We are proud of our ability of superb technology,project management and customer service.We use Professional team,every minute support,we build your sucess as our company management guideline and implement in every project.

1.What size mold can you make and How long will you usually take to finish a mold? 

2.What's software do you use for moldflow analysis and mold 3D&2D design?

3.What's your usually used hot runner brand? 

4.What kind of mold standard are you experienced in making? 
5.How many molds can you make per month ?

6.What steel do you usually use? 

7.What material are you experienced? 

8.What's your main mold base, steel supplier?   
9.How do you ensure we can get qualified/high quality mold?   
10.How can you ensure we get mold on time?

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