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Dedicated To Plastic Injection Mold And Die Casting Mold Designing And Making For Over 15 Years !

About Us
  • We have an experienced customer service team
    (1) Total 8 sales
    (2) years of work experience
    ■ 10+ years:  6
    ■ 2 years:  2
    (3) Education background: Most have bachelor degree and speak fluent english
    (4) Engineering background: 6 sales understand well mold technical knowledge
    (5) We provide
    ■ Offer within 2 working days
    ■ DFM, mold flow report, 3D&2D mold drawing
    ■ Conference call organize
    ■ Weekly update mold progress
    ■ Mold tryout report ( samples,sample inspection report, sample issue and solution PPT, molding process sheet,testing video,)
    ■ Mold run 2-4 hours before shipment

    ■ Mold manual&CD (final 3D mold file Final 2D mold drawing,final part file,full BOM,Original Steel Certificate,Heat Treatment Report,Mold Testing Video,Injection process sheet,Sample Inspection report,1 shot final samples)

About Us
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