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1.What size mold can you make and How long will you usually take to finish a mold?
Mud mold 180*150*150mm 100KGS to big mold 1500*1200*1200mm 10T. It depends on the size and structure of the mold.Usually 6-12 weeks.

2.What's software do you use for moldflow analysis and mold 3D&2D design?
Autodex,UG,Pro-E,AutoCAD.We prefer Step,stp,IGES,X_T etc.format file.

3.What's your usually used hot runner brand?
DME,Yudo,Incoe,Mold Master,Husky,Synventive etc.Usually depends on the requirement of the customer

4.What kind of mold standard are you experienced in making?

5.How many molds can you make per month?
50 sets molds per month

6.What steel do you usually use?
As per customer and mold needs,we choose P20,H13,420 stainless steel. (1) P20 series: USA P20,Groeditz 2738H, LKM 738H,Japan datong NAK80,China 718H etc.; (2) H13 series: ASSAB ESR and Groeditz 1.2343,1.2344,SKD61;(3) 420 series: ASSAB ESR S136,1.2083,1.2316,1.2767,China S420

7.What material are you experienced?

8.What's your main mold base, steel supplier? 
Geman Groeditz ,DME,HASCO,ASSAB,LKM,Datong,Rili mold base and steel,Pingjin Mold base, Yuding Mold base and steel etc.        

9.How do you ensure we can get qualified/high quality mold? 
First,about our project management,our sales engineer will work closely with client to fully master all the technical requirements and get all the necessory technical documents to start the mold design like part CAD data,print drawing,material datasheet,material shrinkage rate and injection machine datasheet etc.
Second we will make mold flow analysis to find all the potential issues and send you moldflow analysis&DFM report.After approved by client,then we will design mold 2D&3D drawing for your approval again.During mold fabrication,we will proceed serious quality control for components and mold from IQC,IPQC,FQC to OQC and measurement inspection for samples to ensure mold quality  
Quality department is involved in every step of tooling development. 
1) After completion of each mould component machining ,we will check its dimensions. Only mould components with correct sizes will be assembled. 
2) After assembly of the mould, we will check overall cavity dimensions. If ok, then we will arrange first tool trial. 
3) After first tool trial, the samples will be checked and ISIR report submitted. For further modifications required by customer after the tool trial,samples will be measured and reports will be provided for customer‘s review again.

4.Molds are admired by customers all over the world

Also before shipment, if the mold not required doing any engineering running by customer before ,we will set up mold and run for 2-4 hours to ensure mold reliability

10.How can you ensure we get mold on time? 
For each mold,we make a control plan about design, fabrication and trial schedule .We will distribute and execute the schedule internally effectively.And send you the progress schedule to follow up each week once or twice according to your request.Usually we will meet the schedule
Once there is any abnormality,we will make alert internally first time and set up a special team to find ways to solve problem quickly so as to catch the progress such as by working overtime or adjust the manufacturing order etc.

11.How do you accelerate the L/T if we are urgent to get the mold? Can you arrange work overtime? What's the charge? overtime for 1 or 2 days,we don't charge.If too many days,we will consider charge some labor cost

12.After mold approval,why do you need 1 week to prepare the delivery ?  
if not required any engineering running by customer before ,first we will set up mold and run for 2-4 hours to ensure mold reliability,which will take 1 day.
Then,another 2-3 days to inspect and clean the mold.And another 1 day to pack the mold and make the mold manual

13.Can we move our tools to other plastic injection molding factory in China? And what's you maintenance service?
Yes you can.For easily damaged accessories such as ejection pin,sleeve pin we will make spare parts for you with mold shipment.For other components,during life time,we will make and send you for free if it's broken by itself.

14.What's your guarantee life and contents for the mold ? 
SPI101,102,103,104,105.For easily damaged accessories such as ejection pin,sleeve pin we will make spare parts for you with mold shipment.For other components,during life time,we will make and send you for free if it's broken itself.

15.What kind of mold are you good at ?
Precise mold,multi-cavity mold,Multi shot mold,over mold,insert mold,family mold,hot runner mold

16.What's the advantage of your molds?
High efficiency,persistent stability can achieve 4million lifetime,short injection cycle time,reasonable price,on time delivery,fully automatic.

17.What's the advantage of your company ? 

Professional team,every minute support,we build your success.

18.As you know there is risk to try a new supplier,how could we believe you?

We have exported molds to overseas countries for many years.Regarding the quality of our molds ,our credit standing and trade raputation,you can refer to our customers.Or you can give us 2 molds to trial our capacity .

19.What's your mold manul include?  
1.Mold general information(specification).2.Operation instruction.3,Maintenance Instruction 4.Accessories and spare part list 5.QA Inspection report 6.Injection Data sheet 7.Mold 2D Layout 8.Client's comments and suggestions.

20.Do you make Aluminium mold?
Yes,we can.

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