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  • How can we guarantee qualified/high quality mold?          

    First,about our project management,our sales engineer will work closely with client to fully master all the technical requirements and get all the necessory technical documents to start the mold design like part CAD data,print drawing,material datasheet,material shrinkage rate and injection machine datasheet etc. 

    Second, we will make mold flow analysis to find all the potential issues and send you moldflow analysis&DFM report.After approved by client,then we will design mold 2D&3D drawing for your approval again. 

    Third,During mold fabrication,we will proceed serious quality control for mold base and inserts from IQC,IPQC,FQC to OQC and FAI,CPK for samples to ensure mold quality.Quality department is involved in every step of tooling development. 
    (1) After completion of each mould component machining ,we will check its dimensions. Only mould components with correct sizes will be assembled. 
    (2) After assembly of the mould, we will check overall cavity dimensions. If ok, then we will arrange first tool trial. 

    (3) After first tool trial, the samples will be checked and ISIR report submitted. For further modifications required by customer after the tool trial,samples will be measured and reports will be provided for customer‘s review again.

    Fourthly 100% inspection for each mold components,Molds are warmly welcomed by customers from all over the world

    In conclusion, 6 key factors on quality is Man,Machine,Material,Method,Measure and Environment.

    Man: Over 10% people have over 20 years experience on mold and over 50% people have over 8 years experience on mold.We also cultivate apprentice by regular training.

    Machine: State-of-the-art precision machines in house and input new more advanced machines each years with more better precision,function and efficiency.

    Material: Use 100% genuine materials that are 100% reliable and conform to customer's requirement with material certificate and heat treatment report.

    Method: 100% implementation of DFMEA, PFMEA and reliability analysis including 4 sections' review.Each machining mold component is with 1 operation card with machining standard and timeline.All manufacturing procedure has standardized work flow.  

    Measure:100% measurement for all machining mold components by CMM with measurement report. Do FAI and CPK for sample parts.

    Environment: Machining environment is excellent.Measurement center is constant temperature and humidity control.And we plan to make clean room mold making and moulding shop. 

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